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Monterey AgResources -  Monterey AgResources is an agricultural chemical distributor based in Fresno, CA and a long time customer of Datatech and Datatech IT Solutions. Monterey AgResources was facing an aging phone system that they were quickly outgrowing. They turned to Datatech IT Solutions and Vertical TeleVantage to put together a system that was right for them. One of the biggest challenges was a remote warehouse. Previously, they could forward calls to this location, but employees there were not really part of the corporate phone system. These employees could not transfer calls back to the main office and could not call extensions at the main office directly. Through Datatech IT Solutions, Monterey implemented Voice over IP phones at the remote location as a part of a TeleVantage system at their main office. Now remote employees can benefit from having an extension on the corporate phone system. This also saves the cost of phone lines and per minute charges since all calls between locations are now placed over a data network instead of tying up a phone line. Also implemented for Monterey AgResources was the TeleVantage Contact Center for their customer service desk. With TeleVantage both the Contact Center and VoIP phones for a remote location were installed in small increments so costs were minimal compared to doing a complete VoIP phone system and implementing a large (or separate add-on) call center. In 2009, Monterey upgraded to the Vertical Wave IP 2500 system.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Service Center, Inc - DHHSC is a non-profit organization in Fresno, CA that provides services to the deaf and hard of hearing community. They had a unique need that TeleVantage was the perfect fit for. Many on their staff are deaf, and their means of telecommunication is with TTY phones. These are phones that connect to a phone line like a standard phone. They are basically like a typewriter that sends text to another TTY phone. Because TeleVantage uses analog based extensions, we were able to plug these phones directly into the phone system and make them extensions. But that is just the first step. Other systems have analog ports also. The benefit with TeleVantage is the ability to have the operator take incoming TTY calls and transfer them to various staff members using the computer client. Since TTY phones are not PBX phones and are intended to be used on a stand alone phone line hey don't have features such as hold and transfer functionality, or even a flash key for that matter. With TeleVantage these functions are done through the computer client, which improved DHHSC's communications with clients.

Hallmark Insurance Associates, Inc - Hallmark Insurance Associates, Inc. is a Fresno based Insurance agency. Hallmark uses Wave's VoIP features to reduce costs and to maintain their critical business hardware in a secure location. Hallmark keeps all of their equipment at a co-located facility provided by twtelecom, including their Wave system. The Wave system is connected to their office IP phones over the Internet. Hallmark also utilizes Wave's IP trunking which has saved them substantial costs versus their previous PRI T1 phone service.


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